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Scale your ideas, models and workflows to high-end apps

We love Excel. However, sometimes it simply is not the right tool for the job. Instead, web sites, web applications, mobile apps and desktop apps offer the best solution.

What differentiates us is our background in management consulting and understanding our clients unique requirements. In projects, we are able to:

  • Understand the client's requirements from a business perspective
  • Select the right technology based on the client's needs
  • Get to work straight away, there is no need for paperwork
  • Deliver a first version of the tool within a matter of days
  • Understand that changes can occur during the course of a project and find the most pragmatic solution
  • Deliver a high-quality end product
  • Continue to support the tool long-term

The apps and sites can be run by us, by a consulting company or by the client. We often take care of the initial hosting and then transfer the tool to the client's IT department when they are ready to host.

Example applications

Pragmatic solutions, solving urgent issues

Custom visualisations

Show your data in innovative way. High-end charting, animations...

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Sample visualisation


Collect data from benchmarking participants in a custom web app. Input forms are adjusted to client configuration and validated against complex domain logic

Content websites (CMS)

Show static content as web site, optimised for SEO and performance - with intuitive backend for easy content editing

Interactive dashboards

Consolidate data into interactive dashboards – Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, Web...

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Show data on custom maps, allow individual drill downs, animations...

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Workforce allocation tool chain

Allow teams to submit shift preferences, managers to schedule absences and derive workplan optimised for fluctuating demand. Leverage advanced demand forecasting

Production scheduler

Optimise plant production based on incoming order priorities, using AI and operations research. Individual visualisation and live input via tablet at each work station

Typical features

  • Seamless Excel import/export
  • Secure authentication
  • Customisable roles and rights
  • Excel/Access prototyping and admin tools
  • Email/SMS/WhatsApp/Push notifications
  • Internationalization/Multilanguage
  • Responsive, i.e. works on mobile and desktop devices

Technologies used

  • Frontend language: Elm, Typescript, JavaScript
  • Frontend frameworks: Angular, React, Elm
  • Static site generators: Gatsby, NextJS
  • Styling: Tachyons, Tailwind
  • Data exchange: GraphQL, REST, live-sync via WebSockets
  • Backend: NodeJS (NestJS, Express, Prisma), ASP.Net
  • Database: MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres
  • Deployment: Docker, Cloud, IIS (cloud, own server, on premise)
  • Other tools: Redis, ElasticSearch

What our clients say about us:


data2impact helped us to prototype a tool in Excel. Once we got the buy-in from the client, data2impact could scale up the tool to a full online tool. The result was impressive and delivered in surprisingly short time!

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