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From management consulting teams to marketing specialists and finance departments, we partner with our clients to find and deliver the best solution to their data related problems.

Before founding or joining data2impact, our team worked for top management consultancies. Thus, we combine our technical expertise with a thorough understanding of the requirements of consultants and project teams. Instead of formal processes and long negotiations, we focus on fast turnaround, joint problem solving and pragmatic, high quality solutions.

This allows us to deliver solutions within days or even hours, acting as a force multiplier for your team!

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Consultants, developers, experts and thought partners


What our clients say about us:


Working with data2impact was a great experience. It was amazing how they truly understood what we were trying to accomplish, to the point that they became a thought partner in the process of creating our tool/asset. They were thinking two or three steps ahead of what would happen if our tool/asset grew in the following years, and when we asked about the implementations of certain functionalities, they brought in that long term perspective which was a game changer. The impact they delivered is unmeasurable, we are truly pleased with the outcome and the process of getting there.

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