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In today’s business world, companies are awash with data and often struggle to leverage it effectively to support day-to-day decision-making. Enterprise software platforms offer comprehensive data collection and reporting, but the breadth and complexity of the enterprise systems often reduces business leaders' efforts to solve specific, high-impact problems in a timely fashion.

Our approach emphasises quick impact and incremental improvement. By using Microsoft Office platforms that are already on the desktop, we build robust custom tools to address our client’s specific needs, usually in a few days. As these tools are used in the field, we are often asked to incorporate crucial refinements to adapt to new opportunities.

Fast does not mean flimsy, however; our tools have been used for many years by hundreds of simultaneous users in business-critical situations.


Example of our tools include


Pricing advisory tool for medical devices company

Program management and tracking

Program management and tracking tools

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Delivery route management

Delivery driver route management tool

Organisation design and visualisation

Interactive org chart browser

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Customer communication scheduler

Calendar based viewer and scheduler for stakeholder communications

Case study

Intracompany collaboration mapping

Visualise interactions among corporate functions to identify blind spots

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Geospatial data visualisation

Display retail locations on an interactive map showing population density, average income...

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RFP consolidation and analysis

Combine RFP bids and analyse supplier responses

Maintenance scheduling

Sequence maintenance projects during plant closures

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