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Excel training for professionals

Everyone uses Excel and many believe that they are expert Excel users. Let us challenge that and make you and your team a real expert!

Our Excel training is not a walk through all of Excel's functionality. We focus on a selective number of tools to help you become more accurate, efficient and effective in your work.

Training is customised to each client and their situation. We work with Consultants, Controllers and Financial Analysts to help them with the following:

  • Consultants: import, transform and check data, build scalable models, error check, bring results into think-cell
  • Controllers: combine multiple data source, automate manual steps, speed up large data analyses
  • Financial analysts: Build modularised, error-free models that scale!

We provide training for all skill levels, functions and industries. By far the biggest impact will for Excel power users!

Content modules

Potential content

Efficient working with Excel

Speed up every day tasks with keyboard shortcuts, advanced formula editing techniques...

Scalable, future-proof modelling

Build models that can scale - more data, more assumptions, more analysis!

Advanced data analyses and structuring

Use Excel tables, lookup formulas & pivot tables to structure, model and analyse complex data

Less is more!

Instead of hundreds of function, array formulas, VBA... Learn how only a handful of function used in the right way can get most jobs done!

PowerQuery – Excel's hidden workhorse

Load data from any source, do complex transformations - and repeat it with updated data. Then explore the amazing hidden power of PowerQuery

PowerPivot – Scale beyond classical Excel

Handle millions of rows of data and do complex analyses on top of it - all using built-in PowerPivot

Performance optimisations

Reduce calculation time of your large models from minutes to seconds!

Error-proof modelling

Ensure any model calculates correctly by leveraging best practices at any stage in the modelling process!

Financial modelling

From simple financial models to most complex analyses - learn how to built modularised, scaleable tools!

Our approach

  • Initial call to assess situation, training need and skills and prepare and align curriculum
  • Preparation of training material, incl. exercises based on your tools and data sets (after signing NDA)
  • Tailored training on-premise by our expert trainer
  • Curriculum is adjusted on the fly, depending on progress and needs of participants
  • Majority if training consists of realistic exercises, guided walk-throughs and Q&A sessions
  • Optional individual Excel consulting during breaks and after training
  • Ongoing ad-hoc on-call/email support after training for all participants

What our clients say about us:

Productivity boost

I wish I had this training years ago - so many nuggets of knowledge will make me way more productive!

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