Regional marketing spend optimization



A retail chain of hardware stores wanted to optimize their local media spend, considering not only the distances to each store (as done before), but also the quality, price and reach of different media.

A solution was required, to:

  • Allocate customers and sales to ZIP codes
  • Identify areas with high sales potential
  • Calculate ideal mix of marketing media within budget
  • Visualization of findings map based

Developed tool

Local database stores required data e.g.

  • Sales slips per point of sale
  • Social demographic information
  • Point of sales list (client and competitors)
  • Media information (price, quality)

A complex optimization algorithms determines the best media spend allocation for each store/region. The results are visualized on a map in the Access application.

For this, a webserver is used in the back: results from the optimization are send to a server which produces the interactive maps based on Open Street Map data. The resulting map is stored and passed back to the application as an URL, where it get displayed in an embedded browser.



  • Local users can analyse their data and inspect results on a map
  • Scenario based optimzation runs can be compared and visualized
  • Interactive charts allow several display options and downloading of maps to local systems
Other industries
Tool type
Custom-made tools
Project duration
4 months
d2i effort
30 MDs
Tools involved
Web server
Open Street Maps
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