Assortment optimization for Retail chain



Retail client wants to standardize and optimize the product assortment and display in each of its 400 retail stores.

Key requirements:

  • Individual configuration of store layout/assortment for each product group for up to 10 store categories
  • Complex simulation of impact of new assortment (based on multiple effects, e.g. cross-selling, price sensitivity)
  • Flexible reporting allowing the creation of multiple charts with detailed filtering and configuration

Technical solution

Local Access back-end:

  • Importing data for selected product group: transactional data, warehouse situation, product base data, competitor prices
  • Storing simulation parameters and new store layout per store category
  • Running simulation of new assortment structure based on entered parameters

Excel front-end to:

  • Analyse performance of current store configuration based on central data
  • Enter/modify simulation parameters and assortment per store category
  • Trigger simulation
  • Create multiple detailed reports/charts
  • Export reports to PowerPoint and PDF


  • Tools allowed client to quickly redesign overall store layout by breaking the overall project into several smaller product group projects
Other industries
Tool type
Custom-made tools
Project duration
6 months
d2i effort
50 MDs
Data volume
1.0-4.5M records of sales data for each product group
Up to 20,000 products
10 product level hierarchies
Tools involved
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