Pricing support for Chemicals producer



Chemical producer needed a tool to optimize the pricing.

Key challenges:

  • 3,000+ products for 1,500 customers with individual, varying prices needed to be compared
  • Different properties/factors determine price, based on product group, customer group, region, contract type, etc.
  • Intuitive tool was sought so that many sales people can easily identify pricing opportunities by themselves (while tools is handling analysis and presentation of large amounts of transactional data)

Developed tool

An Access database that allows to:

  • Import huge data downloads
  • Process them, i.e. calculate averages and medians on products and product group level for various volume segments and packing groups
  • Present process data in interactive, custom-tailored charts
  • Provides an intuitive user-interface, allowing fast creation of results - while providing a powerful set of analyses, charts and filters


Sales agents use the tool in daily operations to drill into their product segments and identify opportunities on a customer by customer base.

Tool type
Pricing support
Project duration
2 weeks
d2i effort
10 days
Data volume
500 MB
Tools involved
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