Data analysis

We believe that any relevant piece of information should be made available to the business owner in a timely fashion and in the most convenient shape and form. This worldview cuts across all types of clients and data, big and small. We are committed to retrieving the right information and getting it to the right people at the right time, whether it is written on the back of an envelope, stored in a spreadsheet, hidden inside website statistics, neatly captured in an enterprise data warehouse – or (more likely) derived from stitching together a combination of such sources.

To that end, we work in a way that

  • is focusing on the most pragmatic solution
  • is "technology-agnostic" – we will use any kind of soft- and hardware that gets the job done
  • does not up-front endorse or presuppose the use of a specific product, although we often recommend tools for specific tasks
  • builds on experience from hundreds of previous analysis assignments.

Ad-hoc analyses

  • Own library of analysis tools
  • Vast experience with high-paced projects and tight deadlines
  • Flexible team ensuring rapid turn-around
  • We are in the business of number crunching

Development of custom data analysis tools

  • Assessing the business case for automation
  • Reducing manual data work
  • Eliminating double-entries
  • Effective knowledge-transfer to the client

Analysis of high-volume, complex data

  • Data cleansing
  • Connecting data from different systems
  • Mining data for new insights
  • Data visualization

Typical services provided

A selection of the most common analytical services:

  • Clustering
  • Multi-variate statistics
  • Statistical analyses
  • Data structuring

What our clients say

"Truly distinctive problem solving capabilities and service orientation. I work a lot with data2impact and all my clients and teams enjoyed and benefited from the cooperation. I could not find an equivalent service within our firm."
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