Highlights from our solutions

  • Example of high-end slide generated

    Automated, presentation-ready PowerPoint/PDF generation

    When the creation of standardized presentation takes up a lot of your time, our autmations will allow you to focus again on the value-adding activities! Examples:

    • High-volume slide decks, e.g. competitor reports with 400+ slides every quarter
    • Individual survey result presentation for all employees
    • Regular benchmarking results for each store of a retail chain
    • Automated report export from dashboard (based on individually applied filters)

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  • Heatmap example

    Custom-tailored dashboards

    Take your dashboards to a new level! We build customized dashboards tailored to your needs! Customizations include:

    • Interactive filters, drill-downs and sorting
    • Individual charts
    • Flexibility, allowing configurations for different users/departments
    • Export to PowerPoint
    • User-friendly interface – while allowing poweruser full access to data

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  • Interactive data visualization

    Interactive data visualizations

    Need to visualize your data in an intuitive way and want to provide interactive filters, sortings and display customization? We custom build charts in MS Excel & Access, allowing for instance:

    • Intuitive non-standard charts, e.g. waterfalls, marimekkos, clustered stack charts
    • Standard charts extended by custom functionality (e.g. detailed mouse-over information)
    • Interactive filtering, e.g. using treeviews for hierarchical date
    • Loading and saving of user-individual filters or data-sets

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  • Excerpt from complex simulation logic

    Complex simulations

    When strategic decisions should be based on a solid analytic evaluation, but the processes are too complex, interwoven and involve multiple feedback loops, our dynamic simulation approach will provide the optimum solution:

    • Based on proven methodology developed at MIT ("System Dynamics")
    • Incorporation of multiple data source
    • Simulation of multitude of parameters with non-linear causal relationships in interlocking feedback loops between each other

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  • Example Ribbon UI

    Intuitive user interfaces (UIs) in MS Office tools

    Many of the tools we built or supported require a functional user interface. Our solutions therefore often include:

    • Clean integration into Office application, e.g. with ribbon based menus
    • Protection of underlying model logic, allowing users only to modify relevant parameters and see/analyze results
    • Input validation for any fields, significantly increasing robustness of tool while increasing usability
    • Password protected "admin mode" for back-office access

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data2impact is a high-end analytics boutique consultancy. We provide the following services:

Tool Building & Modelling

Icon Chart
  • Development of custom tools, e.g. KPI dashboardsreport generators, PMO tools
  • Professional results: user-friendly, scalable, robust solutions
  • Quick turnaround due to Rapid Application Development process and pragmatic, hands-on approach

Consulting & Data Analysis

Icon Person
  • Support of project teams on data-related issues (on and off site)
  • Analysis of high volume, complex data sets: cleansing, aggregation, data mining and visualization
  • Development of custom data analysis tools, e.g. benchmarking, pricing or market simulation

Training & Mentoring

Icon Training
  • Training courses for consultants, line experts and managers, sharing our expertise in data analysis, Excel (across all proficiency levels), office automation etc.
  • Specialization for data-intense industries (consulting, banking, etc.) and functions (controlling, finance, procurement, marketing, HR)
  • On and off site courses, custom tailored to each specific audience

Our approach

Focus: We work hand in hand with our clients to ensure their specific business needs are fully incorporated into our work.

Flexibility: We offer tailored services to suit all our clients' requirements, from in-depth, ongoing support to ad-hoc advice. We respond at short notice and have no minimum project size.

Quality: Each project is managed hands-on by one of our directors and staffed to ensure the optimal mix of consulting expertise and technical skills.

Efficiency & Pragmatism: We always strive for the most efficient, pragmatic solution. We use proprietary methods and libraries that enable us to deliver solutions in hours or days where others would take weeks or months.

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